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Critical Thinking in Brainspotting Theory, Practice & Research

May 27 (evening) -30, 2018

 Atlantique View Resort & Spa

Anse De Mai, Commonwealth of Dominica

Course Tuition: $745 USD

**All travel, room, and board expenses are the responsibility of the student**

 2018 Summer Residency of International University for Graduate Studies

Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies


Brainspotting Trainings, Inc.

This course, developed by Dr. Martha S Jacobi in consultation with Dr. David Grand, is the first collaborative course-offering in the new Brainspotting Concentration programme in Behavioral Health at the International University for Graduate Studies. The course will be taught by Dr. Jacobi. For more information on the Brainspotting Concentration programme, which offers the PsyD and PhD degrees, click here:


For advanced Brainspotting Practitioners, this 3-day course engages in critical thinking practice for deep study & thick analysis of Brainspotting theory. A pre-session reading list will be sent to students by IUGS, and on-site reflection and written work is included. Pre-requisite is Phase 1 *and* Phase 2 Brainspotting Training by a BTI approved Trainer in Brainspotting. For more information about Brainspotting, click here:

Enrollees in the "Critical Thinking" course are invited to attend the final two days (May 31 & June 1) of the 2018 Summer Residency at no additional tuition cost.

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