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Dr. Jacobi is taking a sabbatical from offering consultation services at this time. Please check back in the future for updates on her availability.

Dr. Jacobi provides individual and group consultation to clinicians of various professional disciplines, as well as clergy and pastoral/spiritual caregivers.
Consultation may be in person, by phone, and online, by appointment. 
Fee: $325 USD, payable at the time of the consultation
Brainspotting consultation specialtizations include:
  • consultation leading toward Certification as a Brainspotting Therapist
  • consultation & ongoing training for Brainspotting Consultants
  • trauma and spirituality
  • using Brainspotting with children
  • creativity and performance enhancement
  • Brainspotting in pastoral/spiritual care
  • Brainspotting as Spiritual Practice
  • Brainspotting in Spiritual Direction / Companioning

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